4 Ghanaian Actresses Who Have Dated Nigerian Men And Failed Miserably

Why Do Ghanaian Actresses Love Dating Nigerians?

This is a very deep question for any one to try and answer (so deep you might drown) as our Ghanaian actresses just can not be understood as to why they just love dating foreigners. It is as if to say our men here in Ghana are not up to the level they’ve reached. Lol (just playing silly) But to honest the list is scary, and i will let you in on that list, just keep reading.VIBE WITH ME!. And you know one funny thing.  And oh,did you know those relationships never last too? But the rate is just astonishing.

4 Ghanaian Actresses Who Have Dated Nigerians And Failed Miserably



Jackie Appiah makes it to our number 4 on the list. YAAY!
The ever beautiful Jackie Appiah who needs no introduction has an astonishing record. I call her the silent killer. Very quite in movies( well a little) and very quiet in the open. Rumors of her broken marriage was later confirmed not her necessarily, but her actions and the fact that you could now see she was no longer wearing her ring. We later heard and witnessed she was involved with one Nigerian Guy called Bobby Obodo. Jackie Appiah and her Ghanaian lover, Peter Agyeman got married some years ago and their wedding produced a beautiful son.

So after her divorce became confirmed , she started dating the Nigerian actor Bobby Obodo. But you know how the saying goes, “Whatever goes up comes down” It came come down but with a bad landing. I huess that relationship was not meant to be. She innocwently could not hide dating this Nigerian guy and so almost everybody knew t immediately when they broke up. Sad er!



The story of Yvonne Nelson is unique. Even though she dated only one nigerian which she confirmed herself, she is our number 3 because of the magnitude of the havoc created by her break up with nigerian singer Iyanya.


Mny Ghanaians don’t really like hearing that name because of the controversy surrounding it. the singer was bashed in Ghana for using Yvonne Nelson’s name in a song that sounded disrespectful. Remember that Kukere song? Yeah
“All i want is your waist”

That pissed a lot of people off, even some Nibgerians i know. “The boy no false”
Yvonne  Nelson in recent times was also linked with Chocolate City’s own Ice Prince Zamani but i never really believed that story
We at Holykey1 only base on facts.

2.Nadia Buari


Nadia Sidiku Buari aka NSB comes up as the first runner up. Woh she nearly made it to the top.
( Better luck next time Nady).
Nadia Buari has records, oh yeah she does. I dont really think there is a Ghanaian female celebrity who has been linked to be dating more men than Nadia Buari. The list is endless. But she could not make to number 1( Sadly). And that is because we are basing our list on facts, not fictious stories and rumours.


Rumors Of Nadia Buari And Her Relationships With Men (IN GENERAL)

There has been way too many names that have poped up between 2008 to date and we will look at that in another post. But out of that list there is Ramsey Noah, Dede Ayew, Jim Iyke and the rest. We will look at that later




Juliet Ibrahim makes our number one with a freaking 5 star Rating from us at Holykey1, YAAAY!.
Juliet is our undisputed heavyweight champion as she has dated two already. Oh yeah, the ex wife of the son of Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Juliet Ibrahim has already 2 Naija men to his accounts and if care is not taken, the account colud be expanded pretty soon. Her case is almost like that of Jackie Appiah, as she started dating one Nollywood actor IK Obgona immediately after Splitting with her ex husband. Weird huh? Its almost as if I.K Obgonna was waiting for her official divorce to dive in. Their relationship made headlines in the newspapers and Entertainment blogs across Africa only to be given a blow that they were no more.

Reason Juliet Ibrahim for Berak up With I.K Ogbonna


Trust me, i would not have dared to speculate for for your sake, i humbly will.

Blame It On Cheating

I mean what else will i blame it on, tell me, yeah you.
Absolutely nothing else. Juliet and I.K were riding high and speeding too fast on a road that demanded just a 50 speed limit, they were going 150, Chai!


Why would they not crush. That relationship suffered a tragic end and even their vehicle now cannot be traced. To make it worse they had no insurance. Lol
And i said Cheating because immediately rumors of break started coming up I.K shared pictures of him and his then girlfrien who is now his wife with a kid.




Juliet Ibrahim is now in a very serious serious relationship with one rapper ICEBERG SLIM who of course happens to be a Nigerian.





Actors Insurance

Its so easy to point exactly who a Ghanaian actress is Dating but very difficult to figure out who Ghanaian actors are dating. MEN!
Men are quite dangerous when it comes to relationships, and are very good at hididng the. Take Van Vicker for instance; it took a long time for us to know who his wife was, smart guy right? Hehehe
Majid Mitchel is not really an exception, The now Born again actor kept u away from his supposed private life until just about last year.

There are some other actors whose relationships are just unknown. John Dumelo is the number one suspect.( The gee is just too smart) SOme of us will throw a party the day he decides to throw his hands up and say “i have finished the race, i have fought a good fight, im getting married” Holy Molly…hihihihi
There has been many rumours regarding relationships when it comes to John Dumelo, But non of them have been clear enough.

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