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Ever since the insertion of rap music, there has been several ways through which rappers of different kinds showcase their talents. and one of those is a CYPHER. Ever heard of a CYPHER? Well basically not to confuse you with big English and tough explanations, a CYPHER basically is when different rappers are actually hosted most at times by a DJ or a music producer to show what they’ve got by spitting their illest flow so far.

Even though a CYPHER may not neccessarily be a battle, most at times, fans of MC’s in a CYPHER tend to argue among themselves as to who won the day, whio gave the illest flow, who went in hard enough and who gave the sickest punchline. It’s always like that.


Well back home in Ghana, there has been only one such CYPHER like track titled TRUMPET (click here to download) that has
seen such debates and elevsted the MC’s who truly killed the bars.
Rappers like Teephlow, even though already was respected in the rap game further established himself on that CYPHER as a force to rekon with. Other MC’s like Medikal and Strongman aka Stronggee also displayed an excellent flow of metaphors that got their fans arguing who nailed it


Well upon seeing the importance of a CYPHER and how easy it is to elevate not just the MC’s but the one who put it together as well, Songwriter and Producer at Namarico Studios, Obour KO decided to put together the very best of Rappers in Asante Akyem to showcase their flow on some bars, and oh boy did they.

MC’s who are on it are Kwaku Darlington, 1 Sim, E.K.B aka Aabanaaba, Freshes, KZEE, King Wasty, Romeo, Boakye Yiadom aka B.Y, Budis, Liquidation and Indomie. Interesting names right? … lol

Wait till you hear their flow, you’ll go gaga.

The CYPHER titled I REP NAMARICO promises to be different from a lot of the CYPHER you listen to.

In an exclusive interview with Holykey1, Obour KO stated preparations are underway for the shooting of the video of what he termed as the most interesting CYPHER Ghana has ever seen and also sai that the song  will be released very soon.

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