Better late than ever, E.K.B drops Never Trust Them(D.T.T). The track was originally scheduled to be released on the 4th, but due to some issues it had to be dropped on the 5th of March 2017. The song which is produced by Blaq Bery promises to be hot since it has already generated a lot of controversy. 

Call it whatever you want to call it but when it comes to flowing with metaphors, E.K.B is great at it (if not the best) and he makes it so evident as he drops Never Trust Them(N.T.T), a track produced by Blaq Bery which is the first release of his up-coming debut album LUCIFIC JUICE


The EYE INC boss made it clear in the song his intentions for his haters and vividly paints a picture of their byproduct just in case they decide to mess with him. Speaking with Holykey1, E.K.B whispered some sweet words of hope about how he wants to make hits upon hits this year as he has plans of releasing his debut album this year.

Born Edem Korku Buameh aka E.K.B, he has been on a lot of most wanted list of Rappers on a lot of blogs worldwide….lol. E.K.B definitely in his own wisdom decides to spit and attack his enemies.

Some of the lyrics in the song are

“All I see if fake fake fake fake

Fake friends who wanna take take take take

They acting like Rhe Rhe(Rihana) they want my cake

But im on worst behavior like i’m Drake

Eye! come for a taste of this Lucific Juice i call it base

E.K.B i’m the best there’s no debate

They say they want to compete, but they late”

Its not quite clear whom in particular E.K.B is throwing shots at but he seems pretty sure he knows what he’s saying in his futuristic flow. 

I think we’ve said enough already….listen to the track below or download by clicking on the download button below.

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