A couple of days ago Kwame Baah via HolyKey1 made it known to the whole world about his Sad Truth 3 track produced by Jay Scratch. Thankfully, we had the privilege of listening to the track. And oh Boy was it hot.

There couldn’t be a better title fit for this song than Sad Truth.
The song talks about a lot of things that so-called up-and-coming artistes do which is a 100% true but a 100% wrong, because it goes a long way to destroy their God-given talent.


Rap is Poetry and Kwame Baah is a master architect when it comes to this art. Well, I can’t promise you anything, but I can only give you a word of caution which is; “If you hate poetry, Metaphors and Similes, I beg you, stay away from this tune”. ‘IT’S TOO RISKY

· Instrumentation from Jay Scratch on point

· Delivery from Kwame Baah on point

· Composition on point

· Lyrics on point

· Punch freaking lines on point

· Story line on point

Our Ratings

There has been a lot of release from MC’s on HolyKey1, and just like what John the Baptist told JesusI am not fit to baptize you” ill just say the same thing right now. After listening to this song, I’m not in the right state of mind right now to rate this song. I aint fit enough to rate this song. ‘TOO DOPE!’
12 OUT OF 10 hehehe!

Make I know waist your time erh!, just hit on the download button below to download the song.

When HolyKey1 makes a promise there is always delivery

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