If there is something I love about Hollywood, then it definitely has to be her ability to transform a normal once upon a time story into a classy Oscars movie. Just any story at all, be it fake or real, fiction or true story, Hollywood is just the best.

Take a look at the 1997 sensational movie Titanic, which is a true story by the way, narrated by a survivor. Just look at the way the story was laid down as if the makers of the movie were there when it happened. Watching that movie for the first time as a boy, I remember wanting to be an artiste just like Jack and steal a Rose, but not get drowned by the way (that has never been part of my plans).

Every part of the movie moved me, and I believe if you’ve watched Titanic, it surely moved you too. I’m not here to do a review on Titanic or any movie whatsoever, I’m just giving an example of how good Hollywood is in turning already existing story into masterpieces of great art.


Just look at what happened in 2015 with Cinderella; it’s a well-known story but look at the way it was told with a slight magical flavor of twist. This is Hollywood !

How about a the same year when the movie Peter Pan was released? Lord knows I loved that amazing movie. Well, I still do. In fact I never get tired of watching it.
Peter Pan is a well-known story. I read that book when I was 12, and to see it played out the way it was done with a unique touch, wow, Hollywood is a blessing

“Halo halo halo how low”

“Halo halo halo how low”

“Halo halo halo how low”


If you’ve watched the movie then you probably know that song of black beard that was sang the day Peter Pan escaped death and flew for the first. I just adore that song. And the funny part, I don’t even know what it means, just love it.

Let me not get carried away by Peter Pan and forget what this article is about. Let me say it again just in case you forgot that this is not a review, neither I’m I writing this article to promote the movie, but to illuminate the joy Hollywood is bringing this March with the trailer of the up-coming movie called Beauty and the Beast.

A new twist is written all over the trailer from beginning to end. Thank God this Beast is quite normal compared to the one I saw in a library book I read when I was 12.
I still remember those scaring images of the Beast.


The film stars an amazing cast that includes Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Audra McDonald, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson. In the film, Belle is taken prisoner by a fearsome Beast in his enchanted castle and learns to look beyond his appearance while evading a narcissistic hunter who seeks to take Belle for himself.

Directed by Bill Condon.

I’m not missing this movie for anything in the world. Not for all the pizza in Italy.
The song of the movie was performed by the evergreen silky milky voice John Legend and vocal goddess Ariana Grande.

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