Drake Bought an Autographed Microphone from Pusha-T when He Was a Teenager


Incredibly horrifying to an extent if you are a die hard fan of Drake, but a latest development reveals that the 6God might just have bought an autographed Microphone from King Push when he was just a teenager…..Oh Ma Gaaard😂😂😂

Did Drake really buy Pusha-T’s mic and for how much?

How much things have changed between Drake and Pusha T.
The biggest news in the rap world is still the ongoing beef between Pusha T and
Drake, which was the culmination of years of shots and subliminals leading up to Drake dropping his latest diss track, “Duppy Freestyle .”

Drake sounds exacerbated on the song, literally starting his verse off with a heavy sign before going in on Pusha, dismantling his whole persona piece by piece. He goes after his claims of drug dealing prowess, takes credit for reviving his career, and takes shots at Kanye as well.

However, there was a time where Drake felt very, very differently about Pusha T. During an appearance early in his career on MTV’s When I Was 17 , a show where celebrities share embarrassing teen stories, Drake told a tale about how he admired Pusha so much that he was willing to drop hundreds on it.

In the clip, Drake says that a search online brought him to a man from Virginia who claimed to have a microphone that was used and signed by Pusha.

Drake bought the microphone for $200, and by his own account, would pretend to give red carpet interviews and perform Clipse raps. He did this so much to the point where he actually rubbed the autograph off the mic.

This show aired several years ago, but in today’s context it adds a whole new dimension to Drake’s beef with Pusha. However, it’s always important to remember the actual origins of this beef:
Lil Wayne wearing Bape hoodies in the early 2000’s.

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