Hip pop is incredible, how it’s able to get the best out of young talents is just mind boggling. There are a lot of young talents doing hip pop in Ghana, but there also equally or even more Ghanaian talents living abroad matching them boot for boot if not doing better.
One thing for sure, Ghanaian Artistes elsewhere abroad (weather in America or Europe) are doing so well financially far more than our Ghanaian based Artiste. And the reason is simple, the music industry elsewhere in Europe, America and the advanced countries have a well-established system than ours. Release just one song, and for many years trust me, you’re going to reap what you sowed. Unlike here where up and coming acts have to pay their way to the top. Some even pay to perform when they’re trying to come up. “What the hell”?



Kwabena Sarfo aka SWAY for me paved the way for MC’s based in the UK to break internationally. After spitting fire on BET’s Cypher a few years ago, that was just the beginning. He got signed onto Akon’s Konvict Music and became a world sensation.

Tinchy Stryder


Tinchy is another Ghanaian Artiste based in the UK who has made a huge impact in the Hip-pop industry. 


So much that Jay Z in the US had to fly his ass to the UK just to sign him. ASTONISHING!




One Ghanaian British based artist who made it to the top in the UK, Ghana and abroad. Who didn’t hear of “PARTY HARD”? That hot tune made it to the top of charts in the UK, Us, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and even in Brazil.

So then I ask why are our Ghanaian based Artiste not making it elsewhere? Well that’s a topic worth discussing on another day (not today)

Some like to blame it on some DJ’s, others on the economy. But I blame it on bad on both plus lack resources for real promotion.

Hip-hop just got better; never say never to the hearing of incredible tunes. When this song hits you, you might just get paralyzed. This is just too hot for radio or personal use. Parental guidance is definitely advised. Hehehe

Ghanaian British based hiphop artist MIKEY drops a banger ”DESIRE” (produced by Keezy). Crazy is an understatement to describe this tune, it’s out of this world. For a second I thought I was listening to an alien. That dubbing mood of mine was a 100% activated. As I write right now, I can hardly concentrate as all im doing right now is dub to this DESIRE tune. CRAZY!

Hardly do you hear flows like this with metaphors from MC’s killing beats like this. Holykey1, your number 1 in Entertainment, music and more had to bring you this exciting experience. Mikey has done it, a round of applause to the genius. I give him five MIC’s for thus tune. Massive respect

I’ve said enough, you know what, just hit on the download button below to download and listen.
You gonna love this.

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