Girlfriend Of John Dumelo, Ghally Is Dead!

A very sad thing has just happened, the beautiful flourishing girl and sexy girlfriend of John Dumelo is dead. Very sad in deed. No one knows excactly when she died but from what I hear she was killed by some Indians and Mexicans who had help from interestingly her own country people from Ghana. Like Serisly?

Its almost like the slave trade you see, just as many Ghanaian Chiefs and Elders of the land aided iin selling their own to the slave traders from Spain, Portugal and Britain. That’s just the same way that this beautiful young innocent girl Girl from Ghana with such a bright future future met her untimely death and to make it worst and painful, she was betrayed more like Julius Ceasar.

So Who Is This Girl Called Ghally?

Well how do I even strt giving you the specs? Hmm She has earned a lot of accolades for herself or should I say she earned( that’s because she’s no more) for her glamorous and flashy lifestyle. Everyone who could call him or herself Elit could easily associate with her since she commanded a lot of respect.
Ghallywood got her name in Accra because of the way that she was flirting with Nigerian movie makers, yeah you heard me right. She was a big flirt. She flirted with a lot of Nigerians( I hope she is in heaven now)


She had a lot of lovers in Nigeria and had some Nigerian producers even move all the way to Ghana just to be with her. She was always inviting and loving. Trust me, even if President Donald Trump or probably Hillary Clinton were to be Ghanaians, they would love her to death.

So How Come Did John Dumelo Fall For Such A Flirt?

Can you blame John Dumelo? Naah, she was flirting everybody. Besides John made his name it through her and is a fat. She helped him become who he is today but its rather unfortunate that she had to leave so soon. John and a lot of people are in pain.
Her best friends were Shirley Frimpong Manso, Majid Mitchel, Yvonne Okoro, Jackie Appiah and Joselyn Dumas. Others are Nadia Buari, Salma Mumin, Lydia Forson and Prince David Osei
Are You Getting The Picture Now?

Ghallywood of course is the name that was gien to the so called English Speaking movies in Ghana. The Glamour movies. The movies with expensive cars and clothes. No one knows what happened tot hose movies but I know. Oh hell yeah I know

So Who Killed Ghallywood?

We killed Ghallywood, yeah you and me. We did it
We helped UTV, TV3, Adom TV and many more flush our TV sets with Soap Operas and to the extent of having shows for these programs.

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Its just saddening to see how passionate a lot of Ghanaians have fallen inlove with these Mexian and Indians Soaps. Which is just murdering the( Movie industry in generl)} little by little
As for Ghallywood she died some time ago and no one knows if she was close to Jesus. She could probably resurrect yopu know. Anything is possible these days.
John Dumelo could probably see Prophet Obinim you know, hihihi
I doubt that

Just recently Adom TV which has been running this TV series from India “Kumkum Bagya” went to the extend of bringing the stars who featured in that movie series to come to Ghana. Can you just believe that? Holy Molly

That is how far the industry has fallen. But some of the blame too can be put at the leaders of this country who have turned a blind eye on this. All they do is talk and talk and talk. No action
Im consoling my Brother john and her best friends Shirley Frimpong manso and the rest.
It is God who gives but this one human beigns (killed) her away
Rest in Peace Ghallywood


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