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We have seen Goodyear idea tires and wheels that develop moss of their center or that roll each course like a billiard ball with English on it, however this time they’re chickening out.

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The Goodyear Aero idea unveiled on the 2019 Geneva auto present features as a slim, non-pneumatic tire when on the bottom, then acts as a propeller when rotated and spun as much as excessive RPM in a tilt-rotor utility. Given the quantity of latest hype round autonomous flying automobiles, its an idea price taking a look at.


Goodyear’s Aero idea can perform within the vertical aircraft as a street going tire/wheel meeting, and within the horizontal aircraft as a tilt-rotor propeller.


Essentially the most intelligent a part of Aero is how the wheel’s “spokes” are additionally the propeller’s blades. Pitched, curved and manufactured exactly, they would appear to save lots of loads of area, expense, and articulation complications on a flying automobile.

The rubber that wraps round these blades can be stable, reasonably than an air-filled tire that might deform and disintegrate at aeronautic RPM. However and not using a pneumatic cushion Goodyear’s materials scientists should pull some all-nighters to formulate a cloth compliant sufficient to cushion the trip on floor whereas additionally robust sufficient to guard the vital wheel/propeller construction. I would not need to get aloft solely to seek out out I’ve a cracked prop blade as a result of I curbed it downtown an hour earlier than.



The inside of the Goodyear Aero can be a classy turbine-style fan for aerial propulsion, whereas the surface can be a slim non-pneumatic tire that gives cushioning and grip.


Goodyear imagines this Aero meeting being spun by magnetic propulsion and managed by AI, each of that are the types of belongings you simply should say in 2019. However extra real looking is their imaginative and prescient that Aero can be monitored by a fiber optic sensor bundle to verify it is in good situation and performing correctly in its two vital missions. That jibes with an exploding development of good monitoring know-how within the auto enterprise, from Porsche’s new Moist Mode that listens for the audio signature of moist pavement, to millimeter wave in-car monitoring tech from Texas Devices that seeks to revolutionize consciousness of who’s within the automobile and their state. 

Possibly essentially the most fascinating a part of these “tires” is that we’re speaking concerning the elements wanted for self-flying automobiles.

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