Gone were the days where music sales was just done in traditional music outlets with the sales of cassettes and just recently CD’s, but now as a Nigerian man would say “the levels don’t change”. Things are way different now. 



Piracy is something that has been and will forever be a problem until the whole world realizes the need to kill such a killer disease with a permanent solution.


HolyKey1, your number one blog in Entertainment and more has just made official “SELL YOUR MUSIC WITH US“; a platform which will allow Artiste of different kinds to sell their works to the whole world by just registering and uploading their works be it music or video on the share tab of HolyKey1 website.


Artiste’s works will be sold online for the whole world to be able buy either through PayPal or any Credit Card with 65% benefit to the Artiste.

This is something new in Ghana; as a matter of fact, the first of its kind in Ghana or even West Africa. There is no website in Ghana offering such a cool deal, no not one.

That means a lot of the so-called underground musicians can earn a living from their music career from music sales. All they have to do is to register and upload their songs on the Share tab of HolyKey1 website and wait for approval. Once approved, that means their music would be sold on HolyKey1 for them to earn a 65% interest whenever their art is sold.


Perfect isn’t it? Just Perfect!
HolyKey1 has definitely made history with this.
So what are you waiting for?
Upload your music now and start earning big with HolyKey1 

You can email us at [email protected] or call +233277072575
Terms and conditions apply.

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