I”m Searching For Kumawood Roles But Nobody Wants To Hire Me –Joselyn Dumas


A friend of mine recently told me that the movie industry was on the decline and i nearly laughed at her, but after a close study i found out for myself through some surveys that i had, it was indeed true that the Movie industry in Ghana was on the decline, the writings are on the wall.

Recently there has been some so-called English movie actors and actresses trying to hook up with Kumawood which has never given any indication od dying off

Well one of such is the ever curvy and beautiful screen goddes Joselyn Dumas who is saying she does not appear in Kumawood movies because the industry shuns her no matter how hard she tries to get a role. Holy Moses!

According to the actress, there’s a perception that Ghallywood stars look down on Kumawood which she wants to correct, but the perception makes it difficult for her to get a Kumawood role.

Speaking on Peace Fm, Dumas was asked if she had ever tried to land herself any roles in that industry.

“I have.” she replied in the affirmative.

“There is a guy called Ike who gets deals from Kumawood. Anytime he mentions my name when this opportunity comes, they give him excuse so I get sidelined there.

“It breaks my heart because I speak Ga and Twi and I want people to know another side of me many people do not know. All this is because of a perception out there that we think Kumawood is not good but that is not true at all.” she added.

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