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The internet has been on a killing spree for a while now, killing every celebrity it targets and now Sarkodie has gotten his own fair share of the piece of murder cake being served cold.

There has been many victims to these false death reports aka hoax. With victims like the Legendary Abedi Ayew Pele, Azumah Nelson, Mr Bean etc all getting a taste of this silly act.


Born Michael Owusu Addo, Sarkodie is an a multi award winning rapper from Ghana taking music beyond her shores. Sarkodie had been on the low for a while now until recently when he dropped his newest single titled GBOSA which is gradually picking up in terms of airplay.

Im not trying to play the Devil’s advocate but Hold up! Hold up! Hold up! What if this whole thing was planned just to help promote Sarkodie’s new song….i mean think about it…’s definitely not impossible or it’s it? Just think about it.

There has been instances where some artiste and celebrities have staged their own death just to help them promote a product their coming out with, and this wouldn’t be the first neither would it be the last if it happens to be true

Well Sarkodie is yet to release any press statement with regards to this fake news and silly act. And in case ya’ll didn’t know, Sarkodie tweeted yesterday saying……

Nkwasiaaaafou) if Sarkodie is dead then who tweeted this..? Y’all better Chill.. Our Sark is doing just fine.

He’s even wished one of his friends a Happy Birthday on Instagram…….check his post below


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