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Daughters Of Glorious Jesus

There is never a better feeling than listening to pure Gospel Music early in the morning, when nature itself including birds are all singing praises to the most high. It’s such an awesome feeling joining them. “YOU HAVE NO IDEA!”

But one thing that’s certainly essential for such a great feeling early in the morning is the content of the music you’re using. Trust me; you can easily piss off your Angels with “baaaaaad” music “I SWEAR DOWN!” So bad that the Angels wouldn’t understand you, and they’re going to be asking themselves why they went through all the hustle to travel trillions of kilometers from heaven to earth just to listen to you worship Yahweh with such crap music. Hihihihi! “BE WARNED” They’ll keep starring at each other in shock and contemplate as to whether to leave without blessing you or stay and give you a chance to stop messing up. I’m sure you definitely don’t want that, right? “NICE!”

An Angel
In this Article, i’ll only show you pictures of some of the legends of Ghanaian Gospel music industry. The ones who made real good Gospel Music


In the first place, the word “Gospel” means the Good News. That means for instance, the Gospel According to Mathew simply means; the Good News According to Mathew. So it’s quite weird, as a matter of fact horrifying and bizarre that a Gospel music can be termed as bad. Good News Music gone bad?
Are we safe?
There is a lot of Gospel Music out on the market, since the demand is always there. This development has made a lot hungry folks who have no links in any way with Christianity parade themselves as Gospel musicians, deceiving the populace that they are for God. Trust me they ain’t.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this Scripture; “By their works, you shall know them”
Exactly! Don’t ask me where exactly it’s located, “MASSA!” It’s there. That Scripture? “I DEY LOVE AM WAA!”
Well if you haven’t heard it yet, then Charlie you really need some Church. Hihihihi!
Aside disgracing Adonai with shambolic videos claiming they are praising the Maker and Grand Architect of the whole Universe, they have the guts to fill studio beats with wacky lyrics.

The Good News Music should be the kind that uplifts your soul, connects you deeper with God, repair all broken heartedness, create an atmosphere of extraordinary miracles, propagate the Good News and establish a spiritual ambiance of God’s supernatural power.
But are they doing that?
It’s that exactly what we’re hearing on the airwaves? “NAAAH!”
Only a minute minority seems to be doing well with propagating the Good News and giving great quality content in accordance to the Scriptures.

Moses OK

Gone were the good old days of Bernice Offei, Suzy and Matt, Mac Abraham, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Soul Winners, OJ, Stella Dugan, Moses OK, Noble Nketia, Rev Josh Laryea, Rev Yawson, Tagoe Sisters Pastor Joe Beecham and the list goes on and on and on. This was the era of great content based Gospel music, not today. 

Pastor Joe Beecham
Everything about Ghanaian Gospel music today is Show Business. They want to go head to head (like football teams in a competition) with their fellow musicians doing secular music when it comes to fashion. There’s even a hilarious story of a so-called Gospel female musician who wears hip pads to enhance the looks of her hips. And the most alarming aspect of this whole story is the fact that her husband is rumored to be a Pastor. ”EISH!” So who is she swerving, me? Hilarious
She’s living a lie.
The thunder that will strike her is having press up in Togo.


A lot of people have the notion that since Gospel music can be done anyhow because it has a ready market waiting to consume whatever is thrown at it. That sucks!
Everything about Ghanaian gospel music (most of them) is low budgeted; from audio sound recording to video shoots and to even promotion of the music. The notion yet again is; the market is there, they’ll buy.
I bet you God Himself must be sick and tired of these money minded people, parading themselves as Ministers of the Gospel through music. If only I were God for just one hour, hehehe! I would drop some Sodom and Gomorrah fire flames on their heads.
It’s just sickening watching so-called Gospel music videos on TV and realizing how crappy and everything is; bad sound, whack videos, apologetic dressing and awful directing. Don’t they see or hear of how these Ghanaian secular musicians spend tens of thousands on their videos?
How about their fellow Gospel musicians in neighboring countries, don’t they watch and see how good they make their audio and videos?
So when will this nightmare end?
When will we stop seeing them stand by flowers to shoot videos?
When will we stop seeing awful edited videos on our screens?
When will we start hearing lots of Bible based Gospel Music in Ghana?
Lord have Mercy!

Rev. Josh Laryea


I can’t pinpoint on one thing as the best solution to this catastrophic trend in Gospel music. But one thing is for sure, going back to the old days where content was essential rather than the tune or the type of beat (rhythm) being used is what must happen. The content of a Gospel Music must be based solely on the Word of God. Here are a few things to look at;


Ever been to a church service in one of these big Churches in the city with massive technology. That’s how the sound quality of Gospel music should be like. The using of demos thrown onto the market should be stopped. It ain’t right.


Executive producers of these gospel musicians must back their ass up. If there ain’t enough money for a good video shoot, they batter wait till they get some.
There are a lot of great and awesome video directors in Ghana; they should be hired to shoot videos of such importance for the propagation of the Gospel. Since there ain’t nothing like secular carpenters, I don’t think there should be anything like secular video directors. A director is a director.


Unless the music being promoted ain’t good enough to be classified as Gospel music, I see no reason why executive producers shouldn’t go all out in promotion. I swear, i’m yet to see a Gospel Album being promoted in any newspaper, on any website or even a billboard. Goddamn!
Do they ever read the scripture that says Jesus told his disciples to ye to the world and preach the Gospel?
Gospel music (the real ones) are unfortunately only being advertised on the radio and TV.
It wouldn’t be a bad idea to see a Gospel album Sticker at the gates of a night club. Imagine a title of a single like “JESUS LOVES YOU”
That would be awesome.
They should go all out. VIM!
So what are your thoughts on this topic?
Have your say in the comment box below…………

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