Ma$e Beef With Cam’Ron Is Not Over?

If you love and follow HipHop like i do then you know one thing that is certain to happen all the time is with rappers is BEEF . That word (only God knows how it came about), sends a certain tingling effect through my body when i hear it. Ma$e some time back, (i mean way way back) had this beef going on with Mase. Well some of us recently thought it had died out. well of course. After Mase becaoming a man of God (if you remember) and the coming back with his “Welcome Back” song, some of us thought that beef would be the last thing on his mind. But apparently Big Ma$e is still holding on to old grudges with Cam’Ron. oh Lord!

Ma$e pulls us back into his rift with Cam’Ron.

Just when the world thought these two had put their alleged beef to bed, Ma$e is still out here talking about his diss track back-and-forth with Cam’Ron over the weekend.

The Bad Boy Records veteran, best known for his 90’s hits “Feels So Good” and “What You Want,” took to the comments section of Funkmaster Flex’s Instagram to let the people know that he definitely won this battle that, in Flex’s repost, was supposedly just about bragging rights. Check out the image that was shared by the Hot 97 personality below.


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This all started back before Cam’Ron and Ma$e dropped their respective diss tracks, when the former raised his concerns about the latter’s motives in becoming a pastor. Ma$e walked away from music in 1999, allegedly to escape a life filled with violence and danger, but Cam’Ron believes that the real reason he joined the church was so that he could scam his followers out of their hard-earned cash. Soon after, Ma$e dropped “The Oracle,” which took direct aim at Cam’Ron and his track “It’s Killa” from the rapper’s most recent long-form release The Program. Not to be outdone, the “Hey Ma” emcee fired back with “Dinner Time,” which took some pointed shots of its own at Ma$e.

Yesterday (November 26th), their combined social media activity would’ve led you to believe that they’d put this rift behind them, as they said they were still “bros” after all. However, Ma$e took it upon himself to make sure everyone knew that he supposedly won this battle “unanimously,” adding: “We’re not coo I shook his hand cause I won. That’s it. As a man that’s what you do after you win unanimously.”

Ma$e Beef With Cam'Ron Is Not Over?

So far, there has been no public response to these comments by Cam’Ron or his management team. However, it would seem curious that Ma$e chose to pull the rug out from under this truce while it was still fresh in everyone’s minds. There’s no telling how deep this beef goes, nor if these two are still just going at it in order to have some fun with media outlets and their online followers, but at the end of the day, we may not have seen the last of this.



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