Medikal Reveals How He Made All His Money before 25 Years

Rap star Samuel ‘Medikal’ Frimpong is 25 years now.

He owns a house in Kasoa, a Mercedes-Benz C 300 4matic, and dates fashion icon Deborah Vanessa who is 32 years.

Talking to Delay on the Delay Show in a fresh interview, the Too Risky rapper agreed to claims that his relationship with Sister Derby boosted his fame.

“I will say yes because she is a very a respected person in the industry. She’s an artist, a model and many other things and people respect her for that.

“Coming up as a musician it was very hard, tough and rough even though I had money but its not about money that blows up. There are a couple of factors. But I had a hit song before I met her.

Talking about how he made his money at that early age to purchase a house and a Benz Medikal disclosed;
“I had to do some one or two. I hadn’t blown up yet so to get money from music would have been hard. We wouldn’t have been playing gigs for 20,000 or 25,000 if I didn’t have a hit record by now.

Asked if he was into internet fraud, the 25 year old rapper denied it saying;

“No, did anyone say internet fraud? Never! I have never done that. I don’t know why people tag me with that. I don’t do any work apart from music now. I used to sell things. I sold cars, phones and stuff. Right now I’m not into the car business again. I only help someone sell them.”

Detailing his properties now Medikal added;

“I had a Benz but I had an accident recently.

“I built a house in Kasoa but I don’t stay there. Right now I rent where I live and I don’t own it.”


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