New Kendrick Lamar Album On The Way?


Kendrick Lamar seems to be getting his fans ready phsycologically as it’s slowing looking like there is new Kendrick Lamar Album on the way. 

Kendrick Lamar a caused a lot of trouble on Instagram, after posting a visual showing only the figure four, stylized in Roman numerals, on a black background.



Since the magisterial “To Pimp a Butterfly”, released in March 2015, there was no longer any news of Kendrick Lamar, except on a few remixes and features until a new project called “Untitled Unmastered”, taking the form of a compilation rather than an album. Launched a year after the release of “To Pimp a Butterfly” and precisely composed of demos recorded at the same time as the album, but which had not been exploited until then, “Untitled Unmastered” had nevertheless left fans hungry. But the period of scarcity could soon come to an end, with Kendrick Lamar posting an image on his account Instagram.



Followed by more than 4 million fans, faithful and curious, the rapper originally from Compton has not managed to reset the buzz in a while, and we are already questioning whether this “IV” is a reference to his forth studio album after “Section.80” (2011), “good kid, m.A.A.d city” (2012) and “To Pimp a Butterfly” (2015). Interviewed a little earlier in the year, Lamar had evoked the notion of “urgency” of his work, he who always politicized his speech, and even more on “To Pimp a Butterfly.”

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