No Lady Can Dump Me Because I Am Very Good In Bed | Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Most Hilarious Lawyer Ever

Apart from this Lawyer, I have heard a lot of hilarious statements from people this year, oh yeah i have trust me. From Lil Win to Bukom Baanku ro Ayiteh Powers just to mention a few. But for a Lawyer to come out loud like this that “No Lady can dump me because im good in Bed”, i mean who does that? hihihi

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who happens to be a Ghanaian Certified Lawyer first made his name on a local TV station called TV3 over the ever famous “Pink Sheets”. Just in case you missed it, it was when the ruling party NPP had lost to the NDC which is now in opposition. The NPP led by The current President Akuffo Addo refused to agree to the decree of the Electoral Commisional results and therefore decided to take the issue to court

That is where Lawyer Maurice Ampaw was called to be a panel member on TV3 to ellaborate on the issues that were arising at the time.

The man has to be honest from that time enjoyed quite a significant level of attention from the general public and become a very known face in the media.

So What Now If You Are Good In Bed, Mr. Lawyer?

Well now it surely looks like the fame is eating up into his head that he is boasting that no girl can ever leave him or dump him because he is very good in bed. But who will e the judge of that if not for a freaking witness? For crying out loud, he is not a porn star is he? hihihi

How will we even know if he is beign honest in the first place?
Oh i have heard a lot of boys brag about this same issue and got dropped like a big fat yam like an ad of Tigo. Lol

Someone tell this Lawyer to give us a break if he cant afford a crotch.

If i had my way, i would request that song “Obi Agye Obi Girl” from Captain Planet of 4X4 to him. I guess he is suffering from a mirage after being dumped by a girl.

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