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OMG! Another Boss Chick On The Move | Fashion Or Madness

Another day, another hour, another boss chicks on the move again. It doesn’t look like this trend of exposing or showing lots of skin will ever stop any time soon. As a matter of fact, its on the rise and by the next 10 years if care is not taken, well all hell would have broken loose i guess.

They call themselves names these days.

Socialite, Boss chicks, Video vixens, Models etc Self motivated girls with too much of big dreams aiming for impossiblities to happen in their locked up lives. These are the girls that flaunt their bodies at events and on social media and they call themselves boss chicks

So Who Is A “Boss” ?

Well to explain and ellaborate that question i took my ass to Google to search the ever inquisitive engine who a “boss” was and it will amaze you to know that according to

It means means a person who is in charge of a worker or organization. “Holly Molly”  A person who is what? Hehe

Many of these girls aint got crap! Trust me, their bank accounts are zero as in $0.0000 but they give themselves such a heavy name? Well “Ebi so the world dey now” a nigerian man would say.

Ok So How Who Is A Chick?

Well if i try explaining who a chick is, i might just ppiss you off you know. Iain’t gonna do that right now. Instaead i will explain to you why girls are called chicks. Its pretty simple. Any cute girl who is adorable is probably a chick because we all know that the in the animal kingdom a chick is quite cute.

In this case if we are to do the math pretty well, we would say a boss chick is a cute adorable girl who is in charge of a worker or organization. Amen!

Now just read that definition well and soak it into your head and tell me if that girl you follow so passionately on Instagram really deserves that title. Trust me the real heavy weight champions are hard to find. They really are Boss Chicks but will not expose their bodies on social media to get likes or favors.

The picture below is a girl who also calls herself a “Boss Chick” who attended a Polo event with that dress. How does she expect the horse riders to concentrate? This is wickedness! hihihi. Youve heard my definition of who a “Boss Chick” is supposed to be but judge the picture below if it’s fashion or madness.

OMG! Another Boss Chick On The Move | Fashion Or Madness


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