Samini Doesn’t Even Have Money To Buy Koko | Shatta Wale

Here we go again, Shatta Wale is yet again on the neck of Samini Playing the tunes of beef and it does not look like it will end any time soon.

Self acclaimed Dancehall King Shatta Wale has in recent times been beefing with everybody. From Musicians to Actors, to even my own colleagues in the blogging world and im honestly surprised i ain’t on his list yet. Myabe its coming, yeah my time will com hehehe.

Back to the main issue


What did Samini ever Do To Shatta Wale?


Well absolutely nothing. Samini has never really done anything wrong as far as i am concerned (well not that i know of). Shatta just in my own opinion hates rivalry and its more of becoming a fact.We all don’t like rivalry. Even God Himself had to throw Lucifer away from Heaven when He tried to go head to head with Him. But think for a moment; if there was no Lionel Messi  , do you think Cristiano Ronaldo would still be killing himself to set new records? Hell No

Rivalry can be used well as an adavntage if the articulation is vividly done right.

Shatta has been banging on everybody. Just recently he started throwing shots at Wizkid which has already generated a lot of tension between some Nigerian music lovers and a lot of Ghanaians
which is just not right. Well, Samini came out strong to say Wiskid is a supertar. And i guess tha’s where the 10th world war begun for these two(because trust me they’ve had a lot of wars together)


Samini-Doesn't-Even-Have-Money-To-Buy-Koko |-Shatta-Wale-holykey1

One could argue that this was the reason

Shatta Wale just woke up one morning and decided to throw shots at Samini by saying he now does not have money to even buy Koko which is the Ghanaian local name given to Porridge.

Like Seriously? Samini is that broke?

Well to be honest. Its just an exaderation. Samini is no where the near the entity called broke.
All Shatta Wale does is talk. No wonder one of his tight friends in the Ghana Music industry Michael Owusu Addo aka Sarkodies just recetly tweeted that Shatta Wale talks too much.

Trust me, this guy loves being talked aboutand he seems to be winning all the time with his mind games.

If Shatta Wale were to be a coach or a manager, he would be definately be fighting with Jose Mourinho everyday.LoL

I was shocked at the tweet and that is why Holykey1, your leading community of Entertainment and more decided to show you the tweet

What actually cmade this whole thing quite hillarious and stunning is the level of professionalism from Samini. I must applaud him for being such a professional and not taking any of such tweets too personal. Of course he is human and will definitely feel hurt sometimes, but he handled it so beautifully

You know what, let me stop and you be the judge for yourselves



Interesting right? Now check out

Well check out below what i call professionalism from @Samini


So After This Now What?

Beautiful. After this we look forward to being thrilled with more entertainment. This is quite fun for some of us, because without these things, we really don’t have enough to write about them. Hehehe

Expect to hear more from Holykey1, your leading community in Enetertainment and more as we will surely be bringing you updates of this glorios beef as the days go by.

Thanks for visiting holykey1.com, kindly come here often because we have more juicy entertainment stuff and sports for your pleasure

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