Wanlov De Kubolor destroys D-Black with AH WELL

We saw it coming from day one when D-Black threw the first punch which Wanlove De Kubolor calls voice note. You don’t deserve to be on any list of GH rap,Offbeat and non fa punches, petty fetty rapper are some of the lines in the song. Wanlove also claims Joey B wrote D-Black’s hit song Vera and then ignored Joey after that. Another terrifying line in the song is when Wanlove said D-Black’s wife was lusting for Mensah in Reggie Rockstone’s office .OMG!, that’s like saying D-Black’s wife is a cheap slot.

Others are;You go 419 davido for Tamale, what happened to you and Kwaku T na so you dey do to all your padees
Let me just stop it.
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