OK so bearely a week ago we brought you a story about Iyanya telling us how and why she and Yvonne Nelson broke up right?,well guess what, Yvonne Nelson has sort of given us a part two to that story by replying.

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It seems Iyanya has finally gotten to Yvonne Nelson over his interview where he talked about how he broke up with Yvonne Nelson. In a binch of tweets on Yvonne Nelson’s twitter page and even deleted some but trust Holykey1, we got most of the important punchlines. hehehe

She expressed how grateful she was to her ex (we thought it could be Iyanya she was was expressing her gratitude to)

Around 8:48 pm Yvonne Nelson tweeted
” If you ever broke my heart, Thank You”

Its almost like a letter broken into four parts and it’s just too interesting as it came from Yvonne Nelson via a series of tweets on the 27th of March 2017 in the pm around 9 there about.

here is how it started and ended.

Around 9:43 pm Yvonne Nelson tweeted

“Everything is so right now because of God”

Around 9:48 pm Yvonne Nelson tweeted

“Lesson is here….when there is GOD involved,,,you can’t go wrong”

And this is where it gets interesting
Around 9:49 pm Yvonne Nelson tweeted

“Thank you to the exes who CHEATED”

As if that wasn’t enough she continued 

“If you ever broke my heart THANK YOU”

This quite obvious, its to clear, we don’t need a soothsayer to tell us these tweets are a reply to the article we did some few days back about Iyanya explaining why and how he and Yvonne Nelson broke up.

SEE ALSO: Iyanya finally reveals why he and Yvonne Nelson broke up

Well for the doubting Thomases out there, Holykey1, your leading community in entertainment, music,videos and movie downloads and much more brings you snapshots of Yvonne Nelson’s tweets.


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